Why Every Online Business Owner Should Use Video Marketing

by Jamie Murphy | Feb 4, 2019 | New Blogs | 0 comments

Why Every Business Owner Should Use Video Marketing for eCommerce

Video marketing is fast becoming a hard-and-fast rule instead of a high-end exception in commerce. Its effects on your online business could be tremendous. In today’s content-loaded environment, consumers are flooded with marketing and advertising. As such, capturing their attention can be difficult. However, video content has been shown to engage with viewers in a way other forms of marketing doesn’t.



Higher Conversion Rates

Studies by HubSpot have shown that including a video on your landing page can increase conversion by up to 80 percent. Not only is a video a lot more engaging than reading plain text, but this engagement can influence buying behavior.

An increased engagement means that more viewers are more likely to click through. Types of videos that can boost conversion are how-to videos, as well as video reviews, both of which give viewers the confidence they need to purchase a product or service.


Greater Search Engine Optimization

Search engines are designed to find the most engaging content online. As we mentioned, few content pieces are as engaging as video.

Few realize that the video-only platform YouTube is the world’s biggest search engine after Google. If you have a marketing video on your social media channels as well as YouTube, you are giving your content the best chance of being seen and hopefully be used to convert customers.



Building Trust and Confidence

It’s often difficult to describe the kind of personality your business has without being able to speak to consumers. This is even more difficult in the e-commerce market, as face-to-face interactions are quite rare.

Creating videos can bridge that gap as it allows viewers to get a real feel for your brand and feel more connected. This, in turn, can allow you to build their trust and this will begin to create confidence in your business.


Greater Cost Efficiency

While the initial development costs of creating a video can be substantial,  the cost per engagement payoff for video marketing can be quite high. The high engagement ability and shareability of videos create content that goes viral the fastest. This shareability means more shares, likes, and promotion for your online business.

Videos are now quite easy to make, with many programs on your phone and a number of apps available to help. As long as the message within the video is valuable and compelling to your user base, deploying a video strategy is a safe bet to increase engagement and the success of marketing objectives.

Traditional marketing, such as email marketing, while free can often result in poor click-through rate, with even worse open rates. However, studies show that even using the word ‘video’ in your email subject increases click-through rates by 200-300 percent.

Leveraging the high engagement rate video boasts with traditional e-commerce tactics can be a winning combination. MoShoppa’s consultants are available to help develop a plan to market your e-commerce business, complete with a video marketing strategy, as well as blog and SEO strategies as well.

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