Following the Habits of Successful Entrepreneurs to Start Your Online Business

by Jamie Murphy | Feb 4, 2019 | New Blogs | 0 comments

When starting a new e-commerce business, most people look to MoShoppa for the best practices on setting up a domain name, or scaling their business, or getting access to inventory that helps grow their business. But on a personal level, business owners are also looking at what they can do to maximize their time, their efficiency and be the best business owners they can possibly be.

While MoShoppa can help grow your e-commerce business, look into these helpful habits from other successful entrepreneurs.


Have a purpose

Every successful entrepreneur has a purpose or passion, a reason to strive for success. Being purpose-oriented can give your ideas a focus and provides you with a focus which you pursue day after day. It could be as simple as fame and recognition. Your passion could be self-fulfilling or for providing for your family, or it could be centered toward helping others. Whatever your purpose is, focus on it as you find the motivation to achieve your long-term goals with short-term activities and missions.




You should have a broad plan in place detailing how you will achieve your purpose. This plan should be agile and flexible, since it could change day by day or week by week. Your plan is the blueprint for success, a strategy to deploy. Without that direction, it’d be difficult to achieve any of the growth goals you set for yourself.

You could set a number of short-term and long-term goals for yourself to help put your plan into action. Outlining those goals and the steps necessary to achieve them is a good way to break down a seemingly daunting goal into more achievable tasks.


Be an early riser (and make your bed!)

Few people are strangers to the old adage ‘’the early bird gets the worm’’. Try to get up a little bit earlier than needed in the morning. Having a good morning routine planned from the night before is helpful for this so that you wake up ready to kick-start the day.

First though, you should make your bed! Admiral William H. McRaven said in 2014 that ‘’if you make your bed every morning, you will have accomplished your first task of the day’’. This first task will encourage you to do another task, and then another, setting the tone for the day.

Get a healthy breakfast in, and a workout or a bit of exercise before work if you can. This can help to get the blood pumping before you set out on the rest of your day.

Embrace failure

It is better to try and fail than not to try at all. Most people don’t enjoy stepping outside of their comfort zone. They would rather not risk doing something which might be too tough or might result in failure.

Entrepreneurs have somewhat unique views on failure. While most people avoid failure at all costs, successful entrepreneurs understand that failure is inevitable and seek to better themselves to avoid failures of the same nature again. Failure provides a learning opportunity; without failing, you won’t learn. Every time you make a mistake, use it as a chance to analyze what went wrong, and to grow from it.


Take risks

Entrepreneurs must take risks. You put your ideas out into the world without any safety net or guarantee of success. It’s a daunting proposition for anyone.

The mere existence of a risk should not scare you away. However, learning to take risks shouldn’t be without measurement. Weighing risks and potential payoffs should be analyzed before proceeding. Being able to assess a cost-benefit analysis of all of your decisions can mitigate the fear of failure and present it as objective value worth pursuing.


Arrive early to everything

Timelines are extremely difficult to manage, especially if you’re the one making a timeline difficult. Make a point of being 15 minutes early for all of your appointments, and you can always benefit from it. No one likes tardiness; while there are always extenuating circumstances, keeping people waiting will only set a bad tone for whatever meeting you have planned.

This key habit can easily be worked on. Try to arrive 15 minutes early for everything you do. Whether it’s a coffee date, a business meeting, a train you have to catch, or a gym class, try getting there early. This is an extremely easy way to help achieve your objectives.


Get more sleep

While it may seem like an obvious first step, setting yourself up for success starts with making sure that the most important piece of equipment in your business, you, are operating as optimally as possible.

Trying to maximize the hours in a given day often results in people pulling all-nighters or catching only a couple of hours of sleep, but there are a great number of scientific studies on the benefits of sleep and for good reason.

Getting more sleep can help to make you work more efficiently. Getting the right amount of sleep can make you more productive and sharper during your working hours, as well as reducing your chances of burnout and other health issues.

Just don’t forget to make your bed afterward!

Having an entrepreneurial mindset is part and parcel of growing your e-commerce business. While you are responsible for having the passion and purpose to drive your business, MoShoppa is ready to help you grow that business and realize all of its benefits along the way. Learn more about how MoShoppa can help your business today.

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