MoShoppa Features

Discover the wide range of features that MoShoppa offers and make the most of your online store!

Personalize Your Store

Create a store that reflects your brand. Customize your store by adding your favorite colors & art work to personalize the look and feel of your store.

Update MoShoppa Inventory

MoShoppa offers you over 1 billion products from the best brands in the world. Update your store’s inventory with MoShoppa products and earn guaranteed commission.

Add your Own Products

Start selling your own products with MoShoppa in three simple steps.

Upload product media, inventory & price
Define product categories, brands & attributes
Manage your product orders

Get your Mobile App

Now engage your audience on mobile! With MoShoppa, you also get premium Mobile Applications for your store on Android & iOS both.

Add Pages

Add new pages to your website and educate your customers about your company and brand, its policies and T&Cs. You can also optimize your pages to improve their online visibility.

Add Videos

Add your favorite videos to your website to promote your brand and products. Keep your customers hooked to your website with attractive content.

Add Blogs

Earn a loyal audience by publishing regular informative and entertaining blogs on your online store. Frequently post fresh blogs to keep customers coming back for more.

Add your Social Media

Integrate your Social Media handles with your website and promote your brand online to earn a bigger following on social media.

Rank your store

MoShoppa offers state of the art technology that helps you top ranks on search engines and your favorite social media.