A Beginner’s Guide to Starting an e-Commerce Business from Scratch

by Jamie Murphy | Feb 4, 2019 | New Blogs | 0 comments

At one point or another, almost everyone has considered owning their own business. There are a number of great reasons to launch your own company: dedicating yourself to your passions or interests, being your own boss, making more money, among many others. While all of those are attractive reasons, more often the barriers for conceiving, planning, launching, maintaining, and growing that business are too daunting to overcome.

The fast-growing sector of e-commerce businesses has lowered many of those initial barriers, allowing business owners of any scope or size – from established brick-and-mortar owners to upstart entrepreneurs – to scale their business and develop new revenue opportunities. However, there are still hurdles for burgeoning companies to overcome.

Companies like MoShoppa help facilitate the ideation, launch, and growth of e-commerce businesses. MoShoppa utilizes turnkey services that allow users to come up with a retail focus and digital sitefront, add instant inventory, and make commissions based off of the sales of those products without the hassle of complicated overhead issues, shipping constraints, dropshipping, or even legal complications of forming your own business.

MoShoppa’s sites are fully stocked with the world’s top retail brands. Our technology ensures that your online site mirrors the websites of our over 7,000 brand partners so that you’re selling the best current stock on the market.

You can not only choose what brands you want to showcase in your site but you can even narrow your decision right down to the types of products you want in your online site.



Your new online site can be open for business in minutes. To set up a site on MoShoppa, it’s a simple 5-stage process:

  1. Sign up with your name and email address
  2. Choose the right package for you
  3. Customize your site by choosing a shop theme and the retail categories you want to sell
  4. Personalize your site with your own finishing touches, like creating your own website address and uploading photos
  5. Launch your business and earn hassle-free income

When a sale takes place on your online site, the brands deliver the product straight to their door without you getting involved in the shipping process at all. The best part: shop owners earn a 10 percent commission on every sale.

Additionally, MoShoppa is committed to helping new entrepreneurial ventures grow and become huge successes. An advisor from the MoShoppa Success Team is on hand as a trusted consultant to help you launch your site or assist with marketing, expansion, analytics, or just to chat you through the processes.

Learn more about how you can start or expand your e-commerce business today by creating a MoShoppa site today.

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