How to Become an e-Commerce Entrepreneur: 8 Signs You Should Start Working for Yourself

by Jamie Murphy | Feb 4, 2019 | New Blogs | 0 comments

It’s not always easy to make the jump from your day job to start working for yourself. It can be daunting to ditch the safety net of conventional employment and to go out on your own to take on additional risks. Despite this, the number of self-employed entrepreneurs is constantly on the rise.

Whether you’re getting ready to make the jump or are just beginning to assess your ability to start out on your own, these eight signs could be beneficial to help you make your decision.


You Hate the Traditional Nine to Five

If working a nine-to-five job, 5 days a week, 52 weeks gives you chills, then you have a substantial thing in common with many entrepreneurs. The drudgery of the rat race and continually clocking in and out for someone else can be soul destroying for anyone with entrepreneurial aspirations.

One of the highlights of being self-employed is that you get to choose your own hours. If working for yourself turns out to be something you love, spending multiple hours per day working may not seem like a chore.


You Don’t Like Being Told What To Do

If you struggle with authority and don’t like being told what to do by your boss or employer, being your own boss may be a better avenue for you. By working for yourself, all important and key decisions become yours to make.

Perhaps think that your boss always makes poor decisions. Maybe you’re constantly noticing process flaws and mistakes from other people that you could correct. Being able to assess this and recognize solutions to such problems may mean that you’re made to be an e-commerce entrepreneur.


You’re Self-Sufficient

If you’re well able to look after yourself, you’re more equipped than others to work for yourself. Being self-employed, you must be regimented, strict on yourself, and self-motivated. Self-sufficiency is vital to maintaining productivity without the traditional strictures of the traditional nine-to-five grind.



You’re a Risk Taker

Going out on your own is a risk in itself. If you’re willing and eager to take on whatever risks arise and aren’t intimidated by the failure inherent to these risks, then working for yourself could be a good option for you.


You Have Begun To Work on Your Side Business Already

If you haven’t left your job yet, but have already begun thinking of or working on your own business, you’ve already taken some of the preliminary steps to work for yourself. This shows that you’re testing and mapping out your idea before taking any drastic steps.

Not only will this minimize your risk, but it’s also a good indication of your mindset and ready to assess the risk-vs.-reward of running your own business.



If you’re constantly seeking to learn and to improve yourself, this is a tremendous asset to working for yourself. Entrepreneurs are generally motivated and ambitious, and looking for ways to better themselves is paramount to that ambition.


You’re Creative

If you’re a creative individual, who is always coming up with unique or innovative solutions to problems, then you could consider working for yourself. Creativity and innovation are two vital skills needed for anyone who wishes to work for themselves. Problems across the numerous functions of your company arise with frequency and having the creativity to solve your way out of those problems is an extremely valuable asset.


Gut Feeling

At the end of the day, if you know deep down in your gut that you want to work for yourself, it is certainly worth assessing the risk and reward. If you constantly feel like quitting your day job, and would really love to follow your dreams of working for yourself, determine if it makes sense to do so.

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