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MoShoppa is a turnkey ecommerce platform that helps entrepreneurs launch and scale their online business with instant inventory access to billions of ready-to-sell top branded products.

With this robust inventory and up to 10% commission per sale, users can launch an ecommerce business with ease, without worrying about capital raising, logistics, and other barriers to starting and maintaining a profitable company.

Following its massive success in Europe, MoShoppa now expands its footprint to North America to lower the barrier to entry for ecommerce entrepreneurs everywhere. In addition, MoShoppa is a proud follower of the Triple Bottom Line best practices; balancing the financial consideration of its users with positive social and environmental impact.

The MoShoppa Team

Niall Quinn

Founder & CEO

Niall is a successful serial entrepreneur and ex-professional footballer. As a businessman, he understands the challenges faced when setting up a business, and how to overcome them, providing the inspiration for MoShoppa.

Mike English

Founder & CTO

Having worked in top multinational retail companies, Mike always knew there was a way to simplify the online retail world for everyone – he just had to crack the code! With MoShoppa anyone in the world to sell brands online.

Aisling Quinn

Founder & COO

Aisling is a law graduate who readily understands the changing needs of today’s digital society. Aisling’s quest is to help thousands of like-minded millennials build their own online business, and be their own boss.

Kevin McAllister


Kevin’s 30 plus years of experience expands across a wide variety of roles throughout the tech and manufacturing sectors in Silicon Valley and NewYork. He started McAllister Consulting to create proprietary intellectual property and to develop innovative new products and business solutions.

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